What bike should I ride?

This is a personal decision. The fastest way to cover the course is on a gravel road bike. The gravel is packed clay so smooth enough for skinny road tires but in the past those riders ended up returning to the start wishing for their gravel bikes.
Fat bikes and mountain bikes are allowed however we aim to be back for the SWAG giveaway around 1pm. You may have to adjust your route to time it better.

What is the route like?

Fast and flat generally speaking. The gravel is packed clay so you can roll fast. There is one dip into Marine on St. Croix and a granny-gear climb out of there. There is some asphalt on the course connecting gravel roads.

What kind of tires do you recommend

What kind of tires do you recommend a. A bit wider than a 700x28 with a bit of traction. Too many lugs will just slow you down, unless of course we have some Minnesota weather.

What is the SWAG giveaway?

This year we are riding just for the hell of it.

Is this a race?

If you finish first, you'll know. If you don't, you won't care who did (unless you were second).

Are there different categories?

Not really. Too much hassle. Have fun. See #8 above.


1. Obey all traffic signs & laws. Do not obstruct traffic, stay to the right most side of the road.

2. Wear a helmet.

3. Sign the waiver in order to ride. More details at the start.

4. No public indecency – there are many houses and cars on the route, you never know who is watching.

5. Be aware of horses on the route – do not spook or surprise them

6. Cross intersections with caution – do not trust the riders in front of you

7. Do not litter